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After many years working in a stressful corporate environment, I found myself full of anxiety and panic making me become a shadow of my former self.  I found a love for Yoga after meeting a lady at a local village fayre who suggested trying yoga as a way to alleviate stress.


I remember the first yoga class I went to being nervous about my abilities and comparing myself to others attending, however the yoga environment is welcoming to all abilities, ages and sizes so by the time the class was over all of that nervous energy had disappeared.


I had no idea how Yoga would make such a positive change on both my mental and physical health. After several months of daily practice and my new found love of the Yoga practice I decided that I wanted to train so I could help others find some mental peace from the stresses of today. I officially qualified as a Yoga teacher in 2018. 

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Yoga is so much more than putting your body into different postures. By learning about the history of yoga, practising yoga principles in my life both on and off the mat, you learn to become less anxious, worry less and how to be kind to yourself in a stressful world.

Some days my body is more flexible than others, but all that matters when on the mat is that you move with your breath and focus your mind which then calms your nervous system.


I became a yoga teacher in the hope that as I continue my journey I can help others to cope with today's anxieties and worries and if I can have an impact on one person's life like that lady at the village fayre had on mine, I will be so happy.  Please do call me if you'd like to chat about my yoga classes. 




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