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I became a qualified yoga teacher 2018

I worked for many years in a stressful corporate job and looking back I always felt like a fish out of water, nervous and uncomfortable.

The money helped me support my family but the more anxious and panicky I became I realised I was becoming a shadow of my former self and more and more withdrawn.  I met a lady at my local village fayre who was promoting her new well-being practice and she suggested I try yoga as a way to manage stress.   I remember being so nervous going to my first few yoga classes, comparing myself to others and thinking I wasn't flexible or fit enough.   Other than a desperate attempt to try and reduce my anxiety,   I didn't give any thought to how it would positively affect my mental and physical health or how it would open other pathways for me.  As time passed, and feeling more relaxed and bonded with my amazing teachers,  I became more focused on my own journey on the mat and the nerves and comparing stopped. Yoga is so much more than putting your body into different postures. By learning about the history of yoga, practising yoga principles in my life both on and off the mat, I have become less anxious, worry less and have learnt how to be kind to myself.   



Some days my body is more flexible than others, but I don't get concerned about that.   All that matters when on the mat is that you move with your breath and focus your mind which then calms your nervous system.  I can truly say that even if I am feeling tired, every time I have spent time on the mat I always come off feeling calmer, in control and happier.

I didn't become a yoga teacher because it was popular or because of the fashion I became a yoga teacher in the hope that as I continue my journey I can help others to cope with today's anxieties and worries and if I can have an impact on one person's life like that lady at the village fayre had on mine, I will be so happy.  Please do call me if you'd like to chat about my yoga classes. Thank you so much for your time.  Lisa